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Trainings & Conferences

Buddy Break BLT (Basic Leadership Training) (www.NathanielsHope.org)
Equipping churches to provide free respite care to kids with special needs and their families. Attendees attend a one day training offered at locations around the U.S. and join the fast growing national network of churches working together to provide free respite care. Kids have FUN Parents get a Break ” Volunteers are TRAINED ” Community is REACHED
Email: buddybreak@nathanielshope.org Phone: 407-857-8224

Inclusion Fusion (www.InclusionFusion.org)
• Online training webinars to equip the local church to minister to and include those impacted by disability.

INCM Children’s Pastor’s Conference (www.incm.org)

Joni and Friends’ “Through the Roof” Training Conferences (www.joniandfriends.org)
Joni and Friends offers specialized workshops to equip churches to include individuals with disabilities and their families.
Scheduled: At various locations across the USA

McLean Bible Church’s Accessibility Summit Conference (www.mcleanbible.org)
• Annual conference to equip churches for disability ministry; held in the Washington, D.C. area.
Contact: Jackie Mills-Fernald, Access Ministry Director
Email: jackie.millsfernald@mcleanbible.org Phone: 703-770-2942, TTY 703-770-2939

70 plus special needs ministry training videos