Warrior Family Social

January 20, 2017

We had our first Warrior Social last night and I feel comfortable saying that it was a success. Mostly every family that confirmed, attended, for which I would like to thank those families and the families that informed us in advance that they couldn’t make it. We did have a few cases where owing to unavoidable circumstances had last minute no shows, BUT we understand , things do happen when you have a special needs family member. 
I wanted to thank everyone who made this possible and successful , starting with all the volunteers who could have been doing something else on a Friday night but instead willingly chose to spend their time serving our Warrior families. I’d like to thank:

Doug and Jeneice Mozisek 
Priti DeGregory 
Devangi Sodha 
Palak Desai
For their time and efforts

I’d like to thank the following great people without whom I cannot imagine my for profit or non profit ventures operating so smoothly

Chris Parikh
Amit Shah
Melissa Vargas
Sievette Rosa
Keila Lugo
Aixa Marie Acevedo

I would also like to thank

BH & L decorators 
The Olive Garden
Little Cesar’s Pizza
For their sponsorship of food and decorations for last nights event.

A special thanks to Robert Moreland, the magician for providing entertainment for our warrior parents

And last but not in no way the least my dear Zulema Castillo, who pours her heart into everything we do and is continuously thinking of how to bring joy to our Warriors and their families. Thanks Zulema, you do a great job 👍🏽

I’d like to mention Rose Calixte who could not attend last nights event but is always behind the scenes helping me and Zulema for each and every event.

Thanks to all the families that attended, I hope you enjoyed last night and stay on the lookout for our next event !!

Sincerely ,
Ashish Kapadia