Mental Health Awareness

On February 28th 2016, the Orlando Magic recognized Mental Health Awareness and Winds of Mercy was a proud participant of this event.

WOM, had a personal suite dedicated for children with special needs and their families. It was a fun filled evening, which included watching the Orlando Magic play the Philadelphia 76ers from the comfort of one of the Amway’s luxurious suites. We had a surprise visit from our Orlando Magic mascot, ‘STUFF the magic dragon’ and the beautiful Magic cheerleaders. The families also got some good food and a great cake for dessert.

This was a first time experience for all of the children and most of the families that attended and they had a blast. These are the kind of things that many times these special children and their families never get to experience because of the child’s condition and also many times because of the financial burdens. We are pleased that we were able to offer these special folks an experience of a lifetime.