Fun Spot with Warriors


Funspot 1

This is our newest event. We thought of having a day at Fun Spot based on how happy Abhi (our son) is riding some of the simplest rides you can think of. The lines are not bad, the staff is very friendly and the rides are really fun. Abhi usually just goes on the same rides multiple times and just loves it so much. I was even able to strap him up and take him go karting which he loves sometimes and believe it or not actually fell asleep in his seat once too (That’s what these darling VIP’s do )

So using Abhi as our focus group we thought that many kids like Abhi must love all, many, some or even just one ride at Fun Spot and decided to do this event, to give them a chance to smile and giggle and laugh and their parents/families/caregivers to see that, since seeing that means more than all the riches in the world for them, believe me, I know.

With the generous support of the ownership of Fun Spot and with the help, support and dedication of Marie Kuck and Nathaniel’s Hope we have planned this event.

The 500 VIP tickets that are being sponsored free of charge have already been allocated, however there are still discounted tickets for which you may register at Nathaniel’s Hope’s website.

If you wish to volunteer, let us know.
if you just want to come and see what’s going on that’s fine too, since entry is free, charges are only for going on the rides.
If you wish to make a financial contribution, let us know.
If you just want to say something, let us know, we’d love to hear from you.